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 Logs of Bree-land

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PostSubject: Logs of Bree-land   Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:46 am

Logs of Archet: Today we suffered another attack, we managed to push back the blackwold, but not before the lit Archet on fire, woe is upon us! even with the help of this stranger clad in elvish armour, for he had come from a place he called Imladris, we have kept an eye on him, he mostly sits alone, smoking a pipe or singing songs of a place called Edhelion. One of the gaurds advanced on him, angry that he should sing of such things, and demanded he stop. The stranger reached for a long sword forged by the elves when 3 other gaurds of Archet pulled back the aggressor, sensing this stranger was far stronger then he appeared, and could easily take on 20 of Archet's finest. But alas, the foolish gaurd broke free of the hold his friends had on him, and took his sword to kill the stranger, but the stranger saw this coming, and used an ancient move that only the gaurdians of Edhelion knew, and swiftly had the gaurd on his back. The gaurd knew what was next, so he abandoned all thought of survival and tried to knock this stranger down and succeeded, but to his death, as the sword which slipped from this strangers hand fell thru this fool's heart. this stranger was going to be taken into custody when the gaurds has gathered, if it were not for a human male named Vermithrax, Archet would have been swiftly decimated, as this stranger was none other then Zathriel Sylvana of Rivendell, Bane of The Barrows, after realizing who it was that the gaurd had attacked, they bade the elf out of Archet, not wishing to suffer the wrath of the elves, by foolishness of the gaurd.
End of Log Entry

(my first ever, feel free to add your own stories, im not picky Razz, just dont metaplay if you go against a kinsmate's char without permission from the respective peoples.) (if you have a prob with the log, lemme know and ill edit it, but not if it makes me look weak No )
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PostSubject: Logs of Archet   Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:31 pm

Logs of Archet: The days are growing darker, the blackwold have stepped up their attacks, if bree does not send help soon, we will surely perish.
Logs of Archet: Bree sent aid today, that elven warrior, Zathriel returned, we bade him out of our city, but when the blackwold attacked he was like lightning, destroying and slaying, we must reconcile with this elve, for his speed and agility, if taught to our men, could spell disaster for the blackwold.
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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Bree-land   Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:09 am

Logs of Combe: There was a fight in the comb and wattle earlier, two elves were at each others throats, one had a large sword, his shield on the floor, another had a staff and a sword, I recognized one of the elves, he was there when Archet was attacked, the other had a raven with him, one of those lore-masters from Lothlorien no doubt, one of the patrons of the Comb and Wattle said it started over the Lore-Masters use of the others name, albeit differientiated by one letter, the elves fought into night, blasting away part of the wall with their strikes, it only stopped when a dunedain intervened, but even then the dunedain almost was slaughtered as the elves retreated out of their rage, but when the Lore-Master turned away, the Gaurdian's ring began glowing, the dunedain, seeing this screamed: "GET DOWN!!!" and a blast from the ring nearly hit the Lore-Master. We took the ring and discovered it was one of the lesser. Unfortunately it was recaptured when the elf killed one of the gaurds who was holding him to regain his ring, and vanished into thin air. End of Log
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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Bree-land   Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:51 am

Out in the cold darkness, a lone man walked. Little did he know he was a target for a group of thieves, ambushed, the man begs for his life. Then a stranger who had been tracking the group of thieves, started attacking. the man was wounded, and the stranger even more so, but with the thieves lying dead he said: "come quickly, there is a healer at the combe and wattle." and the man said: "i cannot make it." so our hero picked up the man and carried him to the combe and wattle, Upon leaving, he puts a gold down the counter for the barkeep saying: "See to it this man gets well, if this gold does not cover his room and medical expenses, i will pay the remaining upon my return." "may I know your name?" asked the barkeep. "Zathriel Sylvana." said the stranger. and with that he walked out, possibly to save another helpless person.
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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Bree-land   

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Logs of Bree-land
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