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 xantames bedtime stories

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PostSubject: xantames bedtime stories   Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:17 pm

(a work in progress. send me some old kids stories youd like me to do and ill do em!)
The Ugly Goblin

Once upon a time there was a beautiful tribe of goblins. they were so beautiful that none of the free peoples wanted to kill them.

but then, an ugly goblin was born. none of the other goblins like the ugly goblin. they all made fun of him! they would say, "we think you are so ugly, why dont you just run away?"

this made the ugly goblin very sad. so sad in fact, that he desided to walk along the road in the hopes an adventurer would walk by and kill him.

just then, an adventurer did come. his name was hackzors. but hackzors did not kill the ugly goblin. and so the goblin said, "why wont you kill me?" to which hackzors replied, "because everyone is special and deserves to live. if you wont attack me, i wont kill you."

that made the goblin very happy. suddenly, he cried a single tear, and as it rolled down his cheek, he transformed into a beautiful goblin! so beautiful, in fact, that he made all the other mean goblins cry!
Vermithrax and the three hunters lol!

once upon a time, three hunters, whos names were berethir, vayethir, and katella, decided to go for a walk in the trollshaws while waiting for their DF to come up.

while they were gone, a little boy named vermithrax decided to go into their cottage.

when he got into their cottage, he saw 3 pure atheleas extracts on the table and tasted them:
"This potion is too hot!" vermithrax said when he tasted berethir's potion.
"This potion is too cold!" he said when he took a sip of vayethir's potion.
"This potion is just right!" vermithrax said when he got to katella's potion, so he drank it all.

then he went into the living room and saw 3 chairs, so he decided hed sit in them.
"This chair is too big!" Vermithrax said as he typed /sit in vayethir's chair.
"This chair is too small!" he said when he sat in berethir's chair.
"This chair is just right!" vermithrax said, when he sat in katella's chair, but then he broke it!

he decided he needed to take a nap, so he went upstairs to their beds.
"this bed is too soft!" vermithrax said when he laid down in berethir's bed.
"This bed is too hard!" vermithrax said when he sat on katella's bed
"This bed is just right!" when he got into vayethir's bed, and so he slept there!

When their DF's were up, the hunters decided to go into the Ettenmoors, but needed to grab their potions first. when they got there, they were very upset.
"My potion is half full!" said vayethir.
"My potion is half empty!" said berethir.
"My potion is all gone!" said katella.

then they went into the living room:
"someone sat in my chair!" said vayethir.
"Someone sat in MY chair!" said berethir.
"someone BROKE my Chair!" said katella.

so they went upstairs, and found vermithrax sleeping in vayethir's bed! They were very angry, and when vermithrax woke up, he tried to run away! but then berethir used heart seeker and killed him...

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PostSubject: Re: xantames bedtime stories   Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:56 pm

If i send you my home address, can you send me those drugs you were on when you wrote this ? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: xantames bedtime stories   Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:12 am

hahaha, lol great job xant. haha

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PostSubject: Re: xantames bedtime stories   

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xantames bedtime stories
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