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Update 10/21/2009 - 12:15pm CT: I have put together some tables to show all of the Racial Deeds, their requirements for completion, and the resulting reward for each. --Vay
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Update 10/19/2009 - 3:00pm CT: I have added a Character Stats post that breaks down each statistic your character has. I also added an in-depth Crafting Overview, a Vocations Overview, and a Professions Overview. --Vay
Update 10/16/2009 - 12:15pm CT: I have updated the Level 45 Class Quest Items post to include the Rune-Keeper and Warden classes. --Vay
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Update 10/15/2009 - 10:45am CT: Trait sets for all classes are now posted: Burglars, Captains, Champions, Guardians, Hunters, Lore-Masters, Minstrels, Rune-Keepers, and Wardens. Also, a detailed listing of all the Legendary Books for every class is now posted. --Vay
Update 10/14/2009 - 1:00pm CT: I have added a very in-depth Traits section and overhauled the Virtues section. Enjoy! Smile --Vay
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PostSubject: Virtues   Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:52 am

Virtues are a type of trait that increase specific attributes and resistances. Each virtue shifts 3 values: a primary, secondary and tertiary, and they are broken into ranks of effect. Each virtue is obtained by performing various deeds around the world so, as you progress through your levels, you will obtain virtue traits that may be slotted to gain the benefits of their effects.

If you look at your character information in the game, you can see that there are 10 ranks shown for each virtue. Not all 10 ranks are available within the game at this time and different virtues have different maximum ranks from performing the various deeds. The tables below provide information on the various virtues, what effects they provide and the current maximum rank available for each one.

Virtue Tables
The following table shows the attribute bonuses at the current maximum rank (indicated after the trait name) as of the Mines of Moria release.

The following table is ordered by attribute instead of by trait.

Reputation Virtue Enhancements
With the release of book 11, several reputation centers were put in the game allowing players to earn reputation based rewards with the various factions. Among the rewards are new items for the four races: racially specific rewards, called Awards, that grant a new racial trait which will increase 3 specific virtues by 1 rank for that character.

The 4 races each have their own racial award and may currently only use the award for their race. Here is a table showing the 4 races and their award information:

Virtue Deeds
The deeds needed to increase each virtue are listed below:




Bree-land Adventurer(Advanced) [Bree-land]The Life of a Bounder [Shire]Rath Teraig Exploration [Ered Luin]
Ally of Ered Luin [Ered Luin]Defender of Ered Luin(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Garth Agarwen Exploration [Lone Lands]
(+2)Hero of Ered Luin [Ered Luin]Tales of the Lonely Road(Advanced) [Lone Lands]The Grimfens [Lone Lands]
Tales of the Lonely Road [Lone Lands]Wanderer of Evendim [Evendim]Strongholds Exploration [North Downs]
Of Glories Long Past(Advanced) [North Downs]Warden of Evendim(Final) [Evendim]Where the Giants Dwell [Misty Mnts]
The Minions of Wisdan(Advanced) [Angmar]Perils of the Mountains [Misty Mnts](+2)The Road to War [Angmar]
Forochel Expeditionary [Forochel]Allies of the Enemy(Advanced) [Angmar]The Angmarim of Carn Dum(Advanced) [Angmar]
Silent and Restless(Intermediate) [Eregion]Forochel Pioneer [Forochel]Angmarim-Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]
Deep Delver [Moria]Silent and Restless(Advanced) [Eregion]Troll-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
Defilers of the Forgotten Treasury(Advanced) [Moria]Adventurer in the Upper Levels [Moria]The Cliffs of Zirakzigil [Moria]
Hero of the Upper Levels [Moria]Globsnaga-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
The Vile Maw [Moria]Brutes of the Grand Stair(Advanced) [Moria]




Slug-Slayer(Advanced) [Shire]Wolf-Slayer(Advanced) [Shire]The Life of a Bounder(Advanced) [Shire]
Wolf-Slayer(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Sicklefly-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]Bree-land Adventurer [Bree-land]
Barghest-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]Hendroval-Slayer(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Of Glories Long Past [North Downs]
Warg-Slayer(Advanced) [North Downs]Bog-Lurker Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]Perils of the Mountains(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]
Salamander-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]Tomb-Defender(Advanced) [Evendim](+2)Marching into Shadow(Final) [Angmar]
Crawler-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]Wolf-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]The Dead That Live(Advanced) [Angmar]
Snow-Beast Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]Master of Beasts(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Forochel Survivor [Forochel]
Warg-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]Troll-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]Silent and Restless(Final) [Eregion]
Lizard and Crawler-slayer(Advanced) [Eregion]Champions of Urugarth(Final) [Angmar]Warrior of the Shadows [Moria]
Uruk-captains of Eregion [Eregion]Wolf and Warg-slayer [Eregion]Exemplar of the Central Levels [Moria]
Mercenaries of the White Hand(Advanced) [Eregion]Scholars from Angmar(Advanced) [Eregion]Beasts of the Grand Stair(Advanced) [Moria]
Orc-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]Grodbog-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]Eyes of the Enemy(Advanced) [Moria]
Overseers of the Forge [Moria]Arms of the Watcher(Advanced) [Moria]
Slaves to the Forge(Advanced) [Moria]




The Sights of the Shire [Shire]Harvest-fly Slayer(Advanced) [Shire]Craban-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]
Scouting the Dourhands [Ered Luin]Bree-land Woodsman(Advanced) [Bree-land]Troll-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]
Defences of the Lone Lands [Lone Lands]Neekerbreeker-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]The Wilds of Tal Bruinen [Trollshaws]
Ruins of Evendim [Evendim]Warg-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]The Forbidding Heights [Misty Mnts]
Tombs of Evendim [Evendim]Troll-Slayer(Advanced) [North Downs]Goblin-town [Misty Mnts]
The Road to Rivendell [Trollshaws]Gauradan-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]Bilbo's Buttons [Misty Mnts]
The Circle of Despair [Angmar]Brutes from the North(Advanced) [Evendim]Silent and Restless [Eregion]
Dourhand-Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]Giant-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]The Ring Goes South [Eregion]
Ring-lore of Eregion [Eregion]Bear-Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]The Great Delving [Moria]
The Silvertine Lodes [Moria]Sabre-tooth Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]Zelem-melek [Moria]
Eastern Durin's Way [Moria]Warg-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]The Corpse-eaters [Moria]
Intruders in the Vault(Advanced) [Moria]Blinded by Fire(Advanced) [Moria]Villains of the Grand Stair(Part 1) [Moria]
Tamers of the Vile Wargs(Advanced) [Moria]




Spider-Slayer(Advanced) [Shire]The History of the Dúnedain [Bree-land](+2)The Life of a Bounder(Final) [Shire]
Spider-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]Flowers of the Old Forest [Bree-land]Pilgrim of Evendim [Evendim]
Spider-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands](+2)Tales of the Lonely Road(Final) [Lone-Lands]Brave Deeds in the Wilderness [Trollshaws]
Worm-Slayer(Advanced) [North Downs](+2)Brave Deeds in the Wilderness(Final) [Trollshaws](+2)Perils of the Mountains(Final) [Misty Mnts]
Giant-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]Marching into Shadow(Advanced) [Angmar]Leaders of the Invasion(Advanced) [Evendim]
Worm-Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]Gauradan-Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]Ancient Evil of Carn Dum(Advanced) [Angmar]
The Orcs of Urugarth(Advanced) [Angmar]Soldiers of the Enemy(Advanced) [Eregion]Stalwart of the Central Levels [Moria]
Uruk-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]Wanderer of the Central Levels [Moria]Defender of the Upper Levels [Moria]
The Orcs of Carn Dum(Advanced) [Angmar]Western Durin's Way [Moria]Morroval-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
Dunlending-slayer(Advanced) [Eregion]Heart of the Enemy [Moria]Legends of the Deep [Moria]
In the Footsteps of the Fellowship [Moria]Leaders of the Hive [Moria]The Horrors with Many Legs(Advanced) [Moria]
Wanderer of the Golden Wood [Lothlorien]Orc Slayer(Advanced) [Lothlorien]




Brigand-Slayer(Advanced) [Shire](+2)Bree-land Adventurer(Final) [Bree-land]Wight-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]
Brigand-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land](+2)Of Glories Long Past(Final) [North Downs]Grave-digger(Advanced) [Bree-land]
Brigand-Slayer(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Brave Deeds in the Wilderness(Advanced) [Trollshaws]Nemesis of the Fallen(Advanced) [Bree-land]
Orc-Slayer(Advanced) [North Downs]The City of the Kings [Evendim]Wight-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]
Goblin-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]Marching into Shadow [Angmar]Redeemer(Advanced) [North Downs]
Warg-Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]The City of Orcs [Angmar]Limrafn-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]
Angmarim-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]Craban-slayer [Eregion]Wight-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]
Betrayer's Bane(Advanced) [Ered Luin]Nud-melek[Moria]Wight-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]
Half-orc Slayer(Advanced) [Eregion]The Hounds of Skumfil(Advanced) [Moria]Grim-Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]
The Pale Followers(Advanced) [Eregion]Nameless-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
Goblin-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]The Blighted Ones(Advanced) [Moria]
Strength of the Enemy(Advanced) [Moria]Beast Slayer(Advanced) [Lothlorien]
The Corpse-beasts of Skumfil(Advanced) [Moria]




No Place for Spoiled Pies [Shire]The Farms of the Shire [Shire]Goblin-Slayer(Advanced) [Shire]
Restoring the Quick Post [Shire]The Villages of the Earth-Kin [North Downs]Orc-Slayer(Advanced) [Bree-land]
The Barrow-Downs [Bree-land]Ruins of the Trollshaws [Trollshaws]Troll Kicker(Advanced) [Ered Luin]
The Ruins of Bree-land [Bree-land]Ruins of the Misty Mountains [Misty Mnts]Goblin-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]
Places of the Dwarves [Ered Luin]Spirits Aiding Angmar(Advanced) [Evendim]Orc-Slayer(Advanced) [Lone Lands]
The Eastern Ruins [North Downs](+2)Bastions of Hope [Angmar]Worm-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]
Wilds of Evendim [Evendim]The Enemy's Stronghold [Angmar]Troll-Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]
The Beasts of Urugarth(Advanced) [Angmar]Deep-claw Slayer(Advanced) [Moria]The Trolls of Urugarth(Advanced) [Angmar]
The Trolls of Carn Dum [Angmar](+2)The Waterworks [Moria]Worm-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]
Ancient Stones of Forochel [Forochel]The Flaming Deeps [Moria]Champions of Carn Dum(Final) [Angmar]
Dens of the Beasts [Eregion]Fallen to Blight(Advanced) [Moria]Spider-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
Carriers of the Blight(Advanced) [Moria]Leaders of the Nameless [Moria]Worm-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
Nameless-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]The Foundations of Stone [Moria]
City of the Lord and Lady [Lothlorien]



Lore of the Cardolan Prince [Bree-land]Goblin-Slayer(Advanced) [Ered Luin]
The Old Forest [Bree-land]Spider-Slayer(Advanced) [Ered Luin]
Elf-Ruins Exploration [Ered Luin]Brood-hunter(Advanced) [Bree-land]
Weathertop Exploration [Lone Lands]Goblin-Slayer(Advanced) [North Downs]
The Western Ruins [North Downs]Kergrim-Slayer(Advanced) [Evendim]
Invaders from Angmar(Advanced) [Evendim]Troll-Slayer(Advanced) [Trollshaws]
The High Passes [Misty Mnts]Giant-Slayer(Advanced) [Misty Mnts]
The Battle for Forochel [Forochel]Orc-Slayer(Advanced) [Angmar]
The Ruins of Eregion [Eregion]Worm-Slayer(Advanced) [Forochel]
Warriors of the Enemy(Advanced) [Eregion]Dragonet-slayer(Advanced) [Moria]
The Redhorn Lodes [Moria]Bulwarks of the Enemy [Moria]
Glow-worm Slayer [Moria]Corruption in Command [Moria]
Followers of Igash(Advanced) [Moria]Orcs of the Forge(Advanced) [Moria]
Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall(Advanced) [Moria]

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