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 New with Mirkwood

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PostSubject: New with Mirkwood   Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:16 am

Hey all,

For those of you that are currently hunting down or getting ready to obtain your Radiance Gear in Moria, there is a big change coming. Currently you have to run each instance to get your single coin drop for your rad peice.
for instance. if you need the gloves you have to complete hard mode of Fil ghashan and roll against 6 other people for the single coin.


The six Moria instances (The Grand Stair, Skûmfil, The Forges of Khazad-Dûm, Fil Gashan, The Sixteenth Hall, and Dark Delvings) will now drop Medallions of Moria which you can barter for +10 radiance armour. If you have any coins from these instances when SoM goes live, there is a barter NPC located in the center of the class trainer area in 21st Hall who will swap these coins for their armour's worth of Medallions. This NPC will also allow you to barter Medallions of Moria for Fused Relics and Legacies to use on your LIs.

So you dont like the forges? you can grind out Grand stair to get your chest peice...example of the barters are below

Current coin->Medallion conversion:
1x Platinum Coin of Hand gives 10x Medallions of Moria
1x Platinum Coin of Courage gives 10x Medallions of Moria
1x Platinum Coin of Resolve gives 25x Medallions of Moria
1x Platinum Coin of Strength gives 25x Medallions of Moria
1x Iron Coin of Fortitude gives 15x Medallions of Moria
1x Iron Coin of Knowledge gives 15x Medallions of Moria

At the class trainers in 21st Hall you can now barter the Medallions of Moria for the +10 radiance armour, as well as the non-radiance dungeon sets.
The +20 radiance helm and shoulders from The Vile Maws both now use one common barter item: Platinum Coin of Spirit. You can not cross-barter existing coins for the Platinum Coin of Spirit, nor use Medallions of Moria. Those wanting the VM helm/shoulders still need to visit VM.

Medallions needed to barter:
+10 Boots = 10 Medallions of Moria
+10 Gloves = 10 Medallions of Moria
+10 Shoulders = 15 Medallions of Moria
+10 Helm = 15 Medallions of Moria
+10 Chest = 25 Medallions of Moria
+10 Legs = 25 Medallions of Moria
+20 Helm = 1 Platinum Coin of Spirit
+20 Shoulders = Platinum Coin of Spirit

Each boss in an instance will drop at least one medallion for everyone in the group, I'm not sure how many can be obtained from each instance, but completing Hard Mode awards more. Take an instance like Forges which has 4 bosses, on a normal run with 4 bosses the minimum you'll get is 4 medallions, and maybe a couple more for HM. 3 or 4 runs of this at the minimum will get you one armour piece. When I know more about this I will confirm, at the moment I'm speculating. Note. I have been told that the throne has been removed from Igash's room in GS now, so this fight will be more challenging for those who take GS as an easy option to obtain their Medallions of Moria.

The +15 radiance stones from Hall of Crafting, Water Wheels, and Mirror Halls can be bartered for Medallions of Lothlorien.
The NPC is located in Caras Galadhon on the flet with the class trainers.
No images just yet I'm affraid.

1x Glistening Elf-stone of Hand gives 1x Medallions of Lothlorien
1x Glistening Elf-stone of Resolve gives 1x Medallions of Lothlorien
1x Glistening Elf-stone of Strength gives 1x Medallions of Lothlorien

You can also barter Medallions of Lothlorien at the same NPC for:

Lesser Scroll of Delving = 50 Medallions of Lothlorien = adds 10 item levels to your LI.
Scroll of Lesser Empowerment = 75 Medallions of Lothlorien = Upgrade the Tier of any legacy.
Scroll of Lesser Renewal = 15 Medallions of Lothlorien = Resets all legendary points spent.
You can also still get IXP tokens from the class trainers.

10x Medallions of Moria gives 1x Medallions of Lothlorien

For the +15 set you can also use Medallions of Dol Guldur to barter.

+15 Gloves = 10 Medallions of Lothlorien/10 Medallions of Dol Guldur
+15 Leggings = 15 Medallions of Lothlorien/15 Medallions of Dol Guldur
+15 Chest = 25 Medallions of Lothlorien/25 Medallions of Dol Guldur


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New with Mirkwood
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