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 Crafting Interdependence

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PostSubject: Crafting Interdependence   Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:45 am

Crafter Interdependence

Many of the crafting Professions are interdependent, or more correctly, dependent on a particular Profession other than their own. This feature of the crafting system is by design and is intended to foster development of the crafting community.

Profession Dependency

It is common for Production Professions to be dependent on Gathering Professions. For example, a Metalsmith relies on a Prospector to gather Ore and refine it into metal bars that are essential for metalsmithing. A complete list of dependencies for Production Professions is included below.

Cooks, part of the Yeoman and Tinker vocations, rely on:
  • Farmers (also part of the Yeoman vocation) for ingredients
Note: Many food recipes can be made solely from ingredients bought from vendors.

Jewellers, part of the Tinker vocation, rely on:
  • Prospectors for metal ingots
Note: The only vocation with the Jeweller profession is Tinker, which also includes the Prospector profession. Therefore all Jewellers are self sufficient for gathering resources.

Metalsmiths, part of the Armourer vocation, rely on:
  • Prospectors for metal bars
  • Tailors for guards, straps and bindings
  • Foresters for treated leather
Note: The Armourer vocation includes both the Prospector and Tailor professions. Therefore Metalsmiths are only dependent on Foresters.

Scholars, part of the Historian vocation, rely on:
  • Farmers (also part of the Historian vocation) for dye ingredients
  • Prospectors for dye ingredients
Note: Scholars are both gatherers and producers.

Tailors; part of the Armourer, Explorer and Yeoman vocations; rely on:
  • Foresters (also part of the Explorer vocation) for boiled leather.
  • Jewellers for polished gems
Weaponsmiths, part of the Armsman and Historian vocations, rely on:
  • Prospectors (also part of the Armsman vocation) for metal ingots
  • Jewellers for polished gems necessary to make hilts in tiers 2 - 5
Woodworkers, part of the Armsman and Woodsman vocations, rely on:
  • Foresters (also part of the Woodsman vocation) for treated wood
  • Weaponsmiths (also part of the Armsman vocation) for blades

Resource Gathering

Some crafting professions rely on gathering of random landscape spawn resources rather than profession-restricted resources such as Copper Ore and Rowan Wood. Some landscape spawn resources are very important or essential to advancing craftsman of particular professions. Many resources can also be dropped as random loot from humanoid creatures.

The following is a basic list of dependency for landscape spawn resources:
  • Cooks need vegetables to produce food and drinks.
  • Scholars need dye ingredients such as Woad and Indigo to produce dyes.
Dependencies for profession-restricted resources are:
  • Foresters need wood to produce treated wood.
  • Jewelers need gemstones (found with ore) to produce polished gemstones.
  • Prospectors need ore to produce metal bars.
  • Scholars need texts, relics and other items from Scholar Resource Nodes to produce scrolls, books, salves and essenses.
In addition, some professions depend on hides collected by defeating animals:
  • Foresters need hides to produce leather.
  • Weaponsmiths need hides to produce hilts.

Reducing Metalsmith Ore Requirements

A player who invests in simultaneously advancing more than one profession on a couple of characters can take advantage of the profession's inter-dependency to reduce the amount of resources required to advance Metalsmith skills. The basic professions needed are: Prospector, Forester, Tailor and of course Metalsmith. These professions can be covered by the two vocations: Armourer and Explorer or Woodsman. (Explorer is recommended because it also has the Prospector profession.) The professions form a tiered system that can reduce ore requirements for increasing crafting skills.

The production chain for Metalsmith is as follows:
  1. The Metalsmith should create components with any available ore.
  2. All characters collect hides as they progress.
  3. These hides are delivered to the Forester to be converted into leather.
  4. The leather is delivered to the Tailor who converts them either into bindings.
  5. These leather parts are then delivered to the Metalsmith, who uses them to craft armor by combining them with metal components from step 1.
The extra skill points from making armor can offset some of the ore requirements needed to advance Metalsmith. If the player is leveling enough characters in combat to collect enough hides, the Ore requirements can be reduced by almost 50%.

All Professions with Four Characters

If you want your account to be completely self reliant, only four vocations are required. All crafting professions can be easily covered in a Kinship with two people taking each of the four vocations. Almost everyone else in the Kinship should then take gathering professions to assist the guild with all of its resource needs.

To cover all of the crafting professions, a player would require four vocations:
  • a Historian (for Scholar, Farmer, Weaponsmith)
  • a Tinker (for Prospector, Jeweller, Cook)
  • an Armourer (for Prospector, Metalsmith, Tailor)
  • a Woodsman (for Forester, Woodworker, Farmer)


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Crafting Interdependence
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