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 A runekeeper's role in a fellowship, tips on soloing, and runekeeper usable items.

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PostSubject: A runekeeper's role in a fellowship, tips on soloing, and runekeeper usable items.   Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:17 pm

A Runekeeper's role in a fellowship Setting

Simply said a Runekeeper's main role in a fellowship is to DPS your enemy while trying to not pull aggro off of your tank. Other secondary uses for a runekeeper include buffing your fellowship for elemental damage (such as Do not fall to Flame), buffing your fellowship for resistance to poison and wound, and acting as a secondary healer.
Runekeepers can also act as capable healers if traited correctly. The Runekeeper's healing abilities differ from that of a minstrel since a minstrel has spike healing and a runekeeper has heals over time.
Runekeepers are so called "glass cannons" meaning that the damage they can deal is quite high, but the damage that they can take is very low. For this reason you want your tank to keep the aggro, meaning that you should use your calming verse as much as possible, distracting winds whenever it is needed, and allowing your tank to grab aggro before you start attacking.
Being able to trait for different elemental damage depending on your situation is especially helpful. For instance, on a mob that takes more damage through fire based skills such as General Talug in Fil Gashan, you will want to trait in the Cleansing Fires trait set and equip a fire based stone. Enemies that take a longer time to kill also do well with a fire based trait set for the damage over time. Skills in the Fury of Storm set are good for quick kills and soloing since most inductions are instant and the damage caused is spike damage.

Some Stratigies on Soloing

Since a runekeeper is a light armour class that takes a significant amount of damage it is difficult class to solo, especially at later levels. There are some strategies, though, that can help you get through the times when you can not fellow.
Before you begin combat it is a good idea to shoot yourself with a quick Prelude to Hope and lay down a rune of restoration stone. Just remember that your rune will draw aggro. This can be a good thing, since your foes may run straight to your stone instead of you. Remember to dismiss it once your done, though, to remove the chance of drawing aggro from behind.
Against one enemy:
The basic stratigy for a runekeeper is "kill before it kills you" Use lightning based attacks that have no or small induction times. Use Shocking touch and armour of storm to daze your enemy and give yourself a couple of seconds to regenerate your morale and power.
Against two enemies:
If at all possible daze or slow one of your enemies and kill the second before the first reaches you. If your enemies are at a distance hit one of them with Chilling Rhetoric, switch to the second and kill it. Remember that if you are fighting a melee and a ranged to hit the melee with chilling rhetoric since slowing a ranged attacker will not stop it from attacking you.
Against more than two enemies:
Group dazes, such as vivid imagery, should be used as well as kiting around your enemies and attacking with skills that you can use on the move.

Runekeeper Usable Items


Enamels are used to shift attunement 3 steps further. So if you're one attunement step into battle attunement applying an enamel will shift your attunement further into battle. Enamels can not be used in a steady attunement stait. Enamels are crafted by scholars.
Grey enamel cooldown: 10 minutes
Blue Enamel cooldown: 5 minutes
Yellow Enamel cooldown: 4 minutes
Red Enamel cooldown: 3 minutes
White Enamel cooldown: 2 minutes


Inlays are used during an induction to prevent it from being interrupted, and reduces induction power cost. Inlays are crafted by scholars.
Silver Inlay duration: 10sec. Cooldown: 3 min
Gold Inlay duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 3 min. -10% induction power cost
Platinum Inlay duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 3 min. -20% induction power cost
Ancient silver Inlay duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 3 min. -30% power cost
Khazad-gold Inlay duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 3 min. -50% induction power cost
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A runekeeper's role in a fellowship, tips on soloing, and runekeeper usable items.
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