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 Leveling Guide

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PostSubject: Leveling Guide   Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:16 am

I didn't see this posted elsewhere in the forums. So I thought i'd post this to help out anyone who's curious where they can go to quest at what level.

Note that this is the level range in which you should be a safe level to accomplish the quests/deeds of the area. Not necessarily what levels they will last you through, though in some cases this is true.

Levels 1-15-
Racial Starting areas, with the new book 7 patch you can actually level to 18-20 with little difficulty.

Levels 12-20-

12-16- Bree-land- Buckland, Bree-fields, The Old Forest & The Barrow Downs
12-18- Bree-land- Book 1
15-22- Lone-lands- Annunlos, Minas Eriol
15-20- Lone-lands- Weathertop (Fellowship)

Levels 20-25-

21-25- Lone-lands- Nain Enidh
21-25- North Downs- Amon Raith, Trestlebridge
21-25- North Downs- Nan Wathren (Fellowship)

Levels 25-30-

25-29- North Downs- Fields of Fornost, Kingsfell
26-29- Lone-lands- Book 2 (Fellowship)
27-29- Evendim- Oatbarton
28-31- North Downs- Nan Amlug West
29-30- North Downs- Book 3
28-31- Lone-lands- Agamaur (Fellowship)

Levels 30-35

30-35- North Downs- Nan Amlug East
31-35- North Downs- Norbury/Fornost City (Fellowship)
31-35- Lone-lands- Garth Agarwen (Fellowship)
32- Evendim- Dwaling, Barandalf
32-35- North Downs- Dol Dinen (Fellowship)
33-34- Trollshaws- South Trollshaws

Levels 35-40

35-36- Trollshaws- Bruinen Gorges
35-40- Evendim- Tyrn Fornech, Lake Evendim, Emyn Uial
38-40- Trollshaws- Nan Tornaeth
36-41- North Downs- Fornost Instance (Fellowship)
37-42- Trollshaws- Book 4 (Fellowship)

Levels 40-45

39-43- Misty Mountains- Central Misty Mountains
40-41- Trollshaws- North Trollshaws (Fellowship)
40-42- Angmar- Eastern Ram Duath
40-44- Trollshaws- Tal Bruinen
42- Bree-land- Haud Iarchich (Men of Bree rep quests, and deed grinding)
43-44- Angmar- Fasach Larran & Fasach-Falroid; West Malenhad
44-45- Forochel- Taur Orthon
45- Quests leading to the Helegrod raids
45- Misty Mountains- Book 5

Levels 45-50

45-48- Misty Mountains- High Pass
45-46- Angmar- Book 6
46- Ered Luin- Sarnur (Thorins Hall rep quests, and deed grinding)
46- Forochel- Ita-ma
46-48- Angmar- Southeast Angmar
47- Forochel- Lansi-ma
47-48- Angmar- Imlad Balchorth
47-48- Forochel- Ja-rannit
49- Forochel- Talvi-muri
48-50- Misty Mountains- Golbin Town (Fellowship)
49-50- Angmar- Book 7
49-50- Angmar- Himbar
49-50- Angmar- Urugarth, Carn Dum (Fellowship)

Level 50+ Content

From here on out your on your own. You can finish off the volume 1 book quests, participate in the Rift and Helegrod raids. Or even better if you have the MoM expansion, you can move on to Moria and take your character to level 60.

I don't yet have specific info for the MoM level ranges. As I can't find it anywhere online, and I have yet to get there myself due to suffering from an extreme alt-itis condition. But I doubt by the time people reach that point in the game they'd need much help from a list like this.

Hope this helps some people. It certainly did help me when I was new.
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Guide   Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:56 am

Nicely done.

as far as Mines of Moria there are so many places to go. But I did this:

50-52- Hollin - Eregion/Mirobel/Dunann
52-54- The Great Delving - Dolven View
52-54- Durin's Way(crossroads)
53-55- Silvertine Lodes
55-57- Zelem-Melek -21st hall quests
56-58- Redhorn Lodes
58-59- The Flaming Deeps
58-60- Lothlorian-Nimrodel
59-60- Foundations of Stone

Volume 2 books 1-6 travel all through Moria. They help you level quite well and give you some good armor in the process
around lvl57-58 start looking into Hard mode for Radience Armor and when you hit 60, Go play in Lothlorian Smile enjoy


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Leveling Guide
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