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 Kali's Guide to the Rift

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PostSubject: Kali's Guide to the Rift   Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:05 am

Kaliís Guide to the Rift


This is just one of the many ways that Iíve done the rift but what I think is effective. Itís not law and can be changed to suit your groupís play style and make-up.

Rift: 12 Man Raid,
Recommended Level 50. Level 49 is honestly pushing it.
Recommended having at least 2.2k Health. No one would take my level 50 minstrel in the rift with less than that even though they were begging for minstrels in GLFF.

Each person needs to have:
A stack of Wound Pots (20)
A stack of Poison Pots (20)
A stack of Fear Pots (20)
A stack of Disease Pots (20) Though you will use these less than the others.
3-5 15 Minute Hope Tokens
1-2 30 Minute Hope Tokens
Travelling Rations (So we can muster you up there.)
Celebrant Salves
Athleas Potions
Improved Battle Scrolls (Optional but a good thing to have)
Improved Warding Scrolls (Optional but a good thing to have)

The best make up for a group that Iíve ran with was:

*Guard *Guard
*Minstrel *Minstrel
*Lore-Master *Lore-Master
*Champ Champ
Burglar Captain
*Hunter Hunter

The * are mandatory and the rest are optional. Two captains are great because they can buff each group and they have the incombat rezzes. The burglar is good to have because they can be back up mezzer for the LMís and scout ahead in rooms in order to target something we need targeted eventually. I have seen successful runs with only one guard but two is better.


Main Tank: This will be the guard that goes up and says hi to the bosses and will stay on the bosses the entire time.
Raid @$%: This will be the person who will be targeting things for everyone so that everyone is on the same target and they die much faster.
Main @$%: Sometimes raids will have this. Itís normally the secondary guardian. They will be responsible for gathering up adds in one spot so that when AOE (area of effect) damage is allowed to be used theyíll all be in one spot to make it done faster.

To see the raid @$% window, hit ďOĒ then go to your raid tab. At the bottom will be a box. Check it. A box will then appear on your screen. If you hit CTRL \ you can rearrange where you want to put it on your screen. Just hit CTRL \ to make that screen appear normal again.

I also normally suggest that everyone hits ESC, Options, Social Options, and checks ďShow Dispellable Affects OnlyĒ. This will allow everyone to see if you have wound, poison, fear, or disease only. (The only things that are curable.) The one thing it doesnít show which is annoying is if someone is stunned so the LM can unstun them. The person stunned will have to call it out. You will see your own buffs fine but not everyone elses.

To help with lag, we normally have people turn off their capes and hats. I know some people also turn off shoes but its mostly the capes that are the issues b/c its constantly moving. Also turn your graphics down as far as they go. In one of your tabs there is a box that says something like, ďPost-Processing AffectsĒ. It makes the world look ugly but if you turn it off, the lag cuts down too.


Okay. The Rift is not BG or CD. It will take a long time. Iíve ran once through the entire thing in 4-5 hours. Most people only get through bosses 1-5 and possibly 6 during that time. There are 8 bosses in total. The Rift has locks meaning what we donít get done during that specific run, we can pick back up another day during that week. It resets on Thursdays though, I believe.

If you sign up, you need to stay for the whole run unless you let us know ahead of time. Leaving after only the first boss or before you get to the first boss isnít fair to the whole group. Emergencies are understandable. Leaving because we are dying a lot or you didnít realize how big the place is is not an excuse. Personally if you left for the second reason, Iíd be leary to take you on a second run. (But thatís just me.)

Loot rules that Iíve seen in general that I like but again, is subject to each groups and the raid leaderís rules.

One Teal Item per person. That means if you win a gem for an armour piece (which Iíll list in a bit) you cannot roll on any other teal or legendary piece of drops. You may of course roll on purple stuff but only one teal. I also prefer to /roll 1000 because it cuts down on double numbers. Vay had an issues with me because of this but the way I see it, itís annoying to have a roll off because you roll a 100 and right before the item gets given away Gara rolls 100 and in the re-roll gara outrolls you even though you get the 100 first. (Just using Gara as a guinea pig in that example hehe).

Normally trash lootís I would give to the heavy armour wearer to help w/ the repair costs.

There will be rift coins and rock shards. With the exception of bosses everything will be roll/pass. Roll on the coins because they can be used to exchange for shadow mitigation and fire mitigation pots on certain vendors up at the rift. (Shadow is useful for the rog.)


There are vendors at the rift campsite. Make sure when you turn in your gems you go to the right class vendor. Iíve saw a captain once turn in the gem to the guardian vendor accidently because she wasnít paying attention. The gems and armour pieces are bind on acquire so she was basically out of luck until she won them again.

Sapphire Boots Barz and Zurm (Bosses 1 and 2)
Diamond Gloves Fruz (Boss 3)
Amethyst Pants Zogtark (Boss 4)
Red Ruby Chest Narnulubut (Boss 5)
Opal Helmet Thrang (Boss 7)
Emerald Shoulders Thauralach - The Balrog (Boss Cool
Fiery Weapon/Shield Thauralach - The Balrog (Boss Cool

Boss 6 is normally known as ďThe TwinsĒ. They do not drop any gems but occasionally have a nice pocket item and shield in their chest.


Classes and their Jobs:



Their main job is to heal. They will not do anything other than heal. They will not use inspire fellowís heal unless it is AOE friendly. Iíve ran a few runs with my minstrel and I was yelled at for using my AOE heal because it somehow broke a mez. Just click their name and use Bolster Courage. By the end of the rift youíll be an expert at this. (Not to mention Inspire Fellows eats through your power whereas the single heals give you a better return for your power use.)

If Minstrels should get aggro, they need to yell so that the rest of the group can find whatís smacking you and take it off of you.

Note: At the moment some theorboís are bugged and increases threat generation instead of decreasing it. I donít know if itís fixed yet or not but the flute is a good one to bring as it helps with power cost. Also, please bring some lute strings to help with your aggro cost. And donít forget to use your soothing song every so often on mobs to make them go away from you. Minstrel trainers sell lute strings incase you have no boar intestines to make some.

And depending on whatís hitting you, you are to under no circumstances fear because it can turn and run right into a mob and cause a wipe. *Halo* LOL

Legendary Traits: Rally! And for bosses 1-7 Fellowshipís heart is great. You wonít need hopeful heart really until you get to the balrog.

Recommended Class Traits: (Just recommended but not necessary.)
Focused Performance (Makes induction skills harder to interrupt.)
Graceful Demeanor (When you rez someone, the person is rezzed with more health and power. It also decreases your Rally! Cooldown timer).
Subtle Movements (It decreases the threat you draw.)
Life-Singer (It reduces your power cost for healing.)
Silver-Tongue (Your songs recover 20% faster.)

Like I said those are optional, but those are what I mostly use in the rift, as a personal aside.




One of you will be the main tank. This will normally be the one with the most experience, the most health, or the one that listens the best.

The main tank guard will be the one that getís to go play with the biggest thing in the room when weíre ready to play. Usually she/he just keeps them busy while everyone else takes care of the other issues that happen to spawn during bosses lol.

Any other guards that are left. Youíre job is to keep the aggro off the minstrelís. The rest of the time you attack the Raid Assistís target.


Legendary Traits: (I stole this from another site but this is what they reccomend hehe.)
To the King
Guardianís Threat

I donít have a clue about Guardian Class Traits but anything that lets you get aggro and keep it is a good thing Very Happy

NO AOE!!!!!!!!



Your job will be to shoot at what the Raid @$% has targeted. You will NOT be tabbing through targets and you will NOT be fighting in strength stance. Yes, the things go boom faster but you will also steal aggro. You do not want aggro. You will wipe the group if you get aggro. You will keep endurance stance on until like the last 15-10k of a boss then you can switch to strength stance to burn them down. There will be one exception during the 4th boss in which you can stay in strength stance during the whole fight. Otherwise if youíre in it, youíre WRONG!

Do not ask for power from a LM b/c unless everyone else is full on power you will not be getting any. The exception being the 4th boss.

When boss fights start you will NOT hit the boss until the guard establishes aggro, then you may lightly shoot at it, mostly auto attacks, slowly building up your damage. There is one fight that you will not allowed to use DoT (damage over times) on, so learn which skills those are and if your weapons causes DoTís naturally.

You will also be responsible for removing poisons. If you see a poison icon on someone with a little clock on it, you need to remove it because when it expires that person will be stunned.

Rain of Thorns
Your Choice (Some prefer bow of righteousness but I Bardís Arrow slotted even though I donít use it.)

Speaking of Bardís Arrow, Donít use it! See minstrel post above why you will not fear mobs!

Class Traits: To be honest, I donít know what I have equipped on my hunter but no one has ever examined me and yelled at me for having something slotted that I shouldnít (however they do laugh when they see my virtues hehe).

You will NOT AOE unless it is AOE friendly, so keep your fingers away from those buttons!



Normally one of the champs will be made a Raid @$%. This is usually accompanied by a big repair bill because things are going to beat on you a lot hehe.

NO AOEs Put them on a different quick slot if you have to.

You will back up the guards should he fall and keep aggro off of the minstrel. Your job is to kill things fast without using your AOE skills.


If you are not the Raid @$%, your job will be to target the raid assistís target and burn it down.


Once AOEís are given an okay to be used, you are to unleash Death to All. =)

Oh, and if you have a shield bring it. You might not need to equip it but itís best to have it on you just in case.

CLOBBER CLOBBER CLOBBER CLOBBER CLOBBER! That button is your new best friend for when you see healing or buffing animations going off. You will need to alternate with the other champ so you donít have both Clobberís go off at once and then have none for when the mob does it again before itís recycled again.

Explosion of Blades
Controlled Burn

Class Traits: I do not have a champ so I have no clue what to suggest. I ďborrowedĒ the legendary list from another site hehe.




You have the most important jobís in the rift. Iíve taken my LM in and done a full run. Itís nerve racking. You will get instructions for EVERY fight so you need to listen.

First your job will be to mez something and keep it mezzed until the Raid @$% un mezzes it. You have permission to swear at anyone who breaks it. Razz There is an option that lets you see who breaks the mez. I always have mine on, so I will know and I will glare.

If you miss a mez you will need to call out that it missed and the burglar can mez it while it resets, or you can just hit your call to the valor skill which resets your mez and lets you cast it again.

You will also play the battery. You will need to keep the minstrel, the guards, and the champs up on power.

You will not be doing any DPS or any debuffs on the mobs unless itís AOE friendly because you will wake your own mezzed target up.

You will throw down tar when appropriate. (Not after boss 4 though because that can lead to very bad things happening.)

You will keep stun immunity on the guards and the minstrels and should anyone die or get hope wiped, keep it on them as well to keep them from cowering.

You will keep your target mezzed. (Did I mention that already? Well I did it again.)

You will be removing wounds and disease as they happen. (Turn dispelable buffs only on. See how up above.)

You will NOT be using your pet in battle. You may have the eagle out for bosses 1-6 for the In Combat Power Regen that it gives or the Raven for the Shadow Mitigation for bosses 7 and 8. Even then they will not be fighting. Just find a good spot where your group will get the buff and park them there.

Legendary Traits:
Lore of the Blade
Eagle Friend (though Iíve seen some use the ent as well.)

Class Traits:
Proof Against All Ills. (Sorry but I will not, nor will most others, take a LM in the rift w/o this slotted. There is no reason to not have this by the time you hit 50. Just spam it on yourself until you hit the daily cap.)
Power and Wisdom (This skill lets you draw power longer and gives you +80 Will instead of +60)
Healer (This trait decreases the induction timer for leechcraft and your other healing abilities.)
Dunadan Learning (This skill will allow your Sign of Power: Righteousness [anti-stun] to last 1 minute instead of 30 seconds, which means you can keep applied to more people.)
Deep-Lore (Increases your targets by 5. This skill is useful for the first few bosses.)

For the Rog I would switch out Deep Lore for Light of Hope so that you can help with the healing.




You guys will be buffing and killing the Raid Assistís target. If there is only one in a group you will most likely be switched around to buff both groups.

No Heralds. Please use your banner.

Legendary Traits:
Escape from Corruption
In Defense of Middle Earth

Class Traits: Donít have a clue lol. I ninjaíd the above legendaries from another site.

NO AOE!!!!



You will need to become friends with both lore-masters and listen for their calls that something missed or resisted a mez and mez it for them while their skill resets.

You will also be used to scout a room and target something so that we can target specific things through you. (There is an option that allows this for anyone reading but Iím not in game at the moment to explain how to do it but I recommend everyone turn it on.)

Sometimes you will have your own target to keep riddled.

You will also be the CJ man/woman!

When not doing those things you will be stabbing the Raid Assistís target.

Legendary Trait:
Exposed Throat
Stick and Move

Class Traits: Not the foggiest! *halo again*

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PostSubject: Part 2   Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:06 am


Okay, first things first.

You will not rez anyone unless the Raid leader gives someone specific directions to rez someone else. Otherwise you can have everyone burn their in-combat rezzes on that hunter that didnít listen and pulled aggro and have none left for the guard that got it back.

The trash mobs (non bosses) can get us killed if we are not careful.

As soon as you walk into the rift you will see a Troll and a Troll-Keeper.

First off, the trolls will launch you either across the room or into a pit that will cause you to die before you reach the bottom. So backs against the wall. Sometimes it will pull you forward or you will bounce but its better to keep your backs to the wall.

For every troll, troll-keeper combo you see, the LM will throw down sticky-tar.

You will NOT root, mez, stun, or any of the above to either of them while both are still alive.

They must not be kept apart from each other. Everyone needs to basically stand in one cluster (yes even you ranged folk) that way when the troll goes bounding about smacking people he wonít get too far from the troll-keeper.

For now, everyone will ignore the troll and burn down the troll keeper. You MUST MUST MUST MUST keep them together. Should they get seperated the troll will one hit you for like 3k damage. And itís an AOE skill that they hit you with. You will die. Itís okay if the troll smacks you a little. Heíll randomly smack everyone at some point. Stay on the troll keeper.

When the troll keeper goes poof, burn down the troll.

If you wipe on the first troll / troll-keeper combo donít worry. Iíve seen lots of people do that.


Mobs with Slaves and Slave Masters:

Lore-Masterís the Raid Leader will @$% one of you to the slaves and one to slave masters and that is what youíll be responsible for mezzing the entire run of the rift. (With a few exceptions of course.) Once both LMís have their targets selected the main LM will count down, 3, 2, 1, cast and they will cast and stun both mobs. Then a whole bunch of elites will come rushing at us. If the Slave Master and Slave are far enough away you may then and ONLY then use your AOE skills. If they are too close to the group, then you will NOT AOE. If you break mezzes, the LM will yell at you lol.

The Slaves and Slave-Masters. Both of these have buffs. If either get them off itís pretty much a wipe. They will buff the mobs around them for 300% damage so what would normally hit you for 250 damage is gonna slaughter you with one hit. Once the trash mobs are done, the Slave will get burnt down first then the Slave-Master. Iíve seen it done the SM first then the Slave. Iím not really sure if a certain order is needed or not.

Pale folk- These are annoying as hell and will cause everyone to get poisoned. Hunters remove poison and dps these suckers down. You may AOE ONLY when the raid leader says too.


Boss 1: Barz

This boss is a PIA and the harder of the first two in my opinion.

There will be two special sayings EVERYONE will need to LOOK and LISTEN for.

ďIíll gnaw your bones.Ē
ďNo power greater than Barz.Ē (Or something like that.)

If he says, ďIíll gnaw your bones.Ē You will immediately turn and run AWAY from him. You will not back up, you will not pass go and collect 200 silver. You will TURN and run away. He goes into an animation where he beats his weapons on the ground and if it hits you its 1.5k a hit, so 2 hits and youíre basically dead.

If he says, ďNo power is greater than Barz.Ē he will randomly pick on person, normally a hunter or a minstrel run to them, smack them and steal about 500 power. You are NOT to run away from him when he does this. If anything you are to run TO him if you see heís coming after you.

The guardian will stay back in his/her little spot and wait on Barz to return to him. He/she will NOT give chase.

The fight: The Raid Leader will @$% a token order. 15 minute ones are used here and someone to read battle scrolls. Once everyone is ready, the main tank will run up and say hi. NO ONE ELSE will be hitting him. The Minstrel that will be responsible mostly for healing the Main Tank needs to use Call of Greatness on the guardian at this time as it will give him more threat.

Once the guard feels he has established some aggro, everyone else will lightly attack him, slowly building up on using their DPS skills.

The Guardís minstrel wonít be only responsible for healing just him but mostly. After a few gnawing bones and power stealing, Barz morale will hit around 95k. (Iím not sure of the exact number but itís in that area.)

The first wave of adds will come. It will be a troll and troll-keeper. The same rules apply for the Troll and TK here as they have else where. KEEP THEM TOGETHER!

During this part the main tank will stay on barz and he will be the only one. No one else will be near the guard (except his minstrel who will be half way in between).

As an aside, there is a bridge like platform that the guardian can randomly run around the drag Barz with him during the add fights because we donít want to burn him down too fast otherwise more adds will come before weíre ready. (Iíve seen a guard do this oddly enough lol.)

Once the Troll and TK are down, everyone beats on Barz símore.

The second wave comes around 75k ish. This wave will have a Slave. Lore-Masterís you MUST MUST MUST lock them down with a mez while we kill the 8 or so adds that come with them. If you miss, you have a few skills that you can use while your stun resets. (Blinding white light and the finger of death that stuns.) No one is to hit them until the adds go down. Then we just burn them down like the previous times.

Once all dead-ed, we return to Barz.

Around 45kish, the third wave comes. This wave has a Slave AND a Slave-Master. The Lore-Masterís must lock down their targets. Once all of those adds are gone, we burn down Barz and loot the chest.

As another aside, if the Slave Masters get into range of the boss, they can buff the boss, which is not pretty so the guard will be keeping Barz off in a little cubby.

Also, when Barz runs after someone to steal their power, they will probably cower for a second or two. Everyone needs to keep an eye on him when he does that because he very well could do a gnawing bones before he runs back to the main tank.


On the way to the second boss, there wonít be any new mobs that need explaining.

Second Boss: Zurm

This boss is a lot like Barz except there is no gnawing bones. Instead there is a nasty puke you gotta listen for.

His sayings include:

ďOut of my wayĒ If there is a large amount of people around him, he will normally kick the main tank away, stunning them, and beating on them for a second. (Lore-masters need to try to keep anti-stun on the main tank during the other million things they need to be doing hehe.)

ďRunning away, eh?!Ē He will turn and throw a rock at someone, normally the minstrel, which stuns then, beat on them for a second, then return to the main tank. The main tank should NOT give chase when this happens. Zurm will return to you.

ďYou will tremble before the end.Ē This is a nasty disease that he vomits all over you. If it hits you, youíre dead. When he says that get behind him or out of his range or something. I *think* this can be clobbered so he doesnít get it off but I wouldnít swear to it.

The Fight:

Once the raid leader @$% token orders, scroll readers, all that fun stuff, someone will need to throw the main tank at Zurm.

It will play out just like Barz. The minstrel will use Call of Greatness on the main guardian at first. As soon as he gets aggro, the guardian will drag Zurm over to the back of the room where everyone prepared their buffs and ate their food before the fight started. Some people wait until after the first wave of adds to do this, but I personally think it should be done early that way you donít gotta worry about it.

Once in place, Zurm will stay there for the rest of the fight.

Around 95k, a troll and TK will come out. Same as before.

Around 75k, the slave and adds will come out. LMís mez the slave while everyone takes out the adds.

Around 45k, the slave, slave-master, and adds will come out. LMís mez the slave and slave-master while the adds get taken care of. Watch your AOEís if their mezzed in the middle of a group.

If anything buffs Zurm, weíre pretty much doomed so keep the slaves and slave masters away from him at all costs (which they should be stunned before they make it very far anyway).

Burn down Zurm, loot the chest.


Okay, weíre heading down to Boss 3. We will encounter some new types of mobs now.

Ghashfra: These come in many varieties. Defenders which are range. Fighters which are melee. Scrapperís which are Master Elites and annoying. Summonerís which are Master Elite, annoying AND summon fireworms.

As everyone follows the giant down the stairs, there will eventually be three of them in the middle. They have quests. Grab them real quick and head to the North West corner of the room. Eventually about 20 master Eliteís will run up the stairs and aggro the giantís. Theyíll be fine. Their big guys.

At this time if anyone needs to turn in those rock shards and obsidian shards for rift coins you will do so here. This is the only place to do so. The guy is in the corner.

We will slowly head down through the hallway avoiding the mobs on the left hand side. Single file lines are your friend.

At the bottom of the hallway we will stop. There will be roaming summoners with fire-worms. If pulled correctly, only one summoner and his worms will come. It is important that only the raid @$% hits the summoner then runs back up the hall to bring him into melee range. If anyone else starts hitting him, he will stop. And if you donít have anyone that can enrage him, it can be an annoying fight.

He needs to be burned through pretty quickly.

Itís rinse and repeat for the other summoner. You need to burn through these quickly because once the giants finish killing those Master Elites up top, more will spawn and run towards him, and if weíre still in the tunnel when that happenís we die lol.

Everyone will then in a single file line walk towards that room in the middle. They will hug the wall when they reach it and walk through the door by turning right and hiding in the corner. Be careful not to aggro anything as there will be mobs there. Also do not Activate Fruz (the third boss) because the doors will shut and anyone on the outside is outta luck.


The third boss: Fruz

In my opinon this is the easiest boss of them all.

He has nothing you need to watch out for with him saying.

While hiding in the corner if you look to your left you will see a pair of broken stair cases. Iíve been in a group to where only two champs dealt with those mobs and a group where a LM, champ, and Hunter deals with them. It depends on your group make up really.

Ok, once token has been @$% 15 minute, the guardian ALONE will go say hi. He will then drag Fruz back to the corner where everyone is standing.

Ranged, minstrelís, lore-masterís you will go stand beside of Fruzís loot chest. Melee will keep on him in that corner.

Every once in a while Fruz will run and smack someone but he should return to the main tank.

If you have two champions, they will be by the broken stair case. As soon as 4 regular mobs (not elite or signatures) come, one will use ďsound the attackĒ A half second later, the other will use it again. They will then dps the mobs down. If they make it to fruz, they will heal him, which draws out the fight.


Yes, I know itís tempting to help, especially if you see a mob escape and head towards Fruz but let the champs handle it.

Everyone else will be on Fruz. No exceptions.

If you do not have two champs, you will need your one champ and alternate a LMís root and Hunterís root as each adds spawn. The hunter will need to be standing near the stair case as theyíll get aggro. They will help dps the adds down. The LM as well.

Also, sticky tar is good to throw down at the base of the stairs as often as possible.

When Fruz is murdered, becareful around the doorways as there will still be mobs outside and the doors WILL open. If youíre too close to a door the mobs will aggro.

Loot the chest.


There wonít really be any new mobs as we head towards Boss 4, but there are some drakes. LMís donít forget about your drake warding ring. Smile

Weíll smash some summoners, scrappers, defenders, and fighters along the way.

Once we reach the boss room there will be multiple mobs to take out first. Everyone needs to stay in the little side room so the raid @$% can pull mobs back to the group.

Boss 4: Zogartk

Okay, once the room is cleared, everyone will take notice of the two EM drakes and Zogtark.

The Raid Leader *should* label the left and right drake. One kin I run with puts a sun over the left ones head and a moon over the right oneís head. For now, we ignore Zoggie.

Once hope tokens (15 minute) and scroll readers are @$% and food ate, one guardian will go engage the left drake while the other engages the right drake.

The guards will then turn the drakes backwards to face the wall so their AOE doesnít hit the group.

Once activated, three worms will spawn. Everyone else but the guards and the minstrels healing the guards should be on these three worms. Get them in a group and AOE them down.

By the time thatís done, the guards should have sufficient aggro. Everyone will beat on the left Drake. Hunters, you may use strength stance here as you will want to damage them and kill them.

Eventually he will take flight. Hunters Range him down. Show us what youíre made of! Let loose! You want a dead drake!

When this happens, Zoggie will hop down from his platform. The guardian that was on this drake will go tank Zogtark. A champ also needs to be there but let the guard get aggro established first. When you see Zoggie start to do his healing animation, CLOBBER HIM!

Meanwhile back at the drakes, once the hunters show off their awesomeness and kills the drake, everyone else will start on the other drake. Once it dies THEN everyone can beat on Zoggie.

Clobber him when he does his healing animation otherwise burn him down.

Loot the chest! =)

Things of note: When the guards first aggro the drakes, there are some minor columns on the ground. The minstrelís have LOS issues near these, so try to avoid standing near one unless you wanna commit sewer-cide.

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The next room is lag city. Itís full of lava. If you lag you will hate this room.

New mob type.

Fumeroles and Urfon.

First of all, everyone will huddle together near the door. Once ready, in a single file everyone will go to the first platform. Even you hutners. You are to shoot arrows from melee range.

NO ONE IS TOO MOVE AROUND. You are to become one big green dot on the mini-map.

Oh, and if you stand on the bridges, you will die. They do massive damage to you. The minstrelís have permission to yell at you if you stand on the bridges.

As soon as you get to the first island, something that looks like a volcano will pop outta the ground. Everyone needs to attack it as fast as you can. DO NOT MOVE AROUND. There are more hidden in the dirt so unless you know where they are you will spawn more, which is bad.

These things if not clobbered will spit out urfon (hint champs!) If an Urfon comes out STOP AOEĒS. These thing reflect damage and will burn you. YOU WILL NOT HIT AN URFON UNTIL THE FUMEROLE IS DEAD! THEN you may take it out.

Also, to add insult some ghashfraís will be coming across the platformís 4 at a time. The LMís need to mez the defenders and weíll just fighting the fighters. If you can, keep one mezzed while you move on to the next fumerole.

If you hug the right edge of that little island, one more will spawn near the next bridge. (There is also a back left one but if you donít go near it it wonít spawn.)

Same as before. Then you can enrage the defender (donít go after it or youíll set off another fumerole) and make it come to melee range and keel it.

The next bridge has one more fumerole as soon as you cross. Same deal. Also, more ghashfra will come. While this fumerole is being smacked, someone needs to go up and start the ever seerís chat (this is done by running towards him). That will stop the ghashfra from coming to say hi to you.

Okay. This fight is hard to explain. Most people have panic attacks when they look and see an Ever-Seer, Narnulubut, and 4 regular seerís standing on the platform.

The good news is the Ever seer leaves. The bad news is the rest doesnít lol.


Boss Fight 5: Narnulubut

Okay, everyone will gather at the top of the ramp, @$% tokens, scrolls and all that stuff. 15 minute ones are fine here.

First things first, the main tank needs to equip the crappiest weapon he/she can. If they are kindred with the mathom house, there is a butter knife that does 1-1 dmg 1dps. THAT is the best weapon ever for this fight for a while. (And no Iím not nuts.)

The reason being, any damage the guardian does to Narnu, it will be reflected back on himself, so if the guard hits for 1k dmg, heís doing 1k dmg to himself, which well get the minstrelís annoyed with you. So make sure the main tank has a crappy crappy crappy weapon.

Okay, on to the fight. The guardian will go and get Narnu. NO ONE WILL HIT HIM AT ALL FOR A LOOONNNGG TIME! Using every threat building skill he/she can, the guard needs to build up some nice aggro b/c Narnu will head straight for both minstrels otherwise.

The guardian will then drag Narnu to the base of the ramp where everyone had just popped tokens and such. He will stay here the entire fight.

Before the Everseer leaves, he throws a purple hole of death on the floor. Donít touch it. At all.

You will need to send a hunter to the far side of the plat form. Here, their only job is to DPS down the darklings. Yes hunters, you may return to your strength stance. If a darkling hits the purple thing in the middle, it spawns a 10k world eater, which is a nusiance. So donít let your hunter pride get to you. If they are starting to reach the steps, call for help. Lore-masters, this will be the only time you may give hunters any power. They will burn through it quickly. However hunters, please use your pots when their up because the LM needs to keep the minstrel and tank filled w/ power too.

If you have two hunters, place one on the near side ramp to do the same with the darklings there. Otherwise @$% a champ to that darkling. Becareful of your AOE there though. You donít want to accidently hit Narnu and have your damage reflected back on you.

A side note for the hunter on the far side. Once the seerís are dead, you will start getting two darklings at a time. Like I said, if they start nearing the stairs you need to call for help.


Lore-Masters youíre basically on power duty and wound removal here. Narnu will spam wounds so make sure you spam your wound removal. You will also be doing some spot healing on everyone but the main guard.

Okay. Once the guard has poke Narnu, the 4 seerís will run to the four corners of the platform.

Everyone else that has not been @$% to darkling duty or wound removal (minus the minstrelís whom Iíll get to in a second) will be moving around in a cohesive group killing the seerís. They will not attack until you attack them.

Starting at the seer in front of the lootable chest, take that seer out first. There is a burning AOE around them so if you are not melee, donít stand near them at first.

Once that seer is down, the LMís and both minstrels will stand there. You are to then move clockwise around the platform taking out seers. No one is to go off on their own. You move as one big happy family.

Once all the seers are dead, the main tank can switch to his real weapon and everyone can let loose on him. He does heal himself to make sure champs clobber him when that happens.

Minstrels. Both of your jobs will be to keep hitting Bolster Courage over and over again on the main tank. Both of you. Even if it doesnít look like heís going to need it, he will. Hit it anyway. Here is a good place to use your loot strings or hit cry of the chorus and hit your threat reduction tier 4 anthem. You may occasionally spot heal someone else in the raid but for the most part, if done correctly, the LMís will be able to throw a heal at someone. If for some reason, someone in the seer group does need a bit of healing, the minstrel thats not in the guard group can turn around and throw a heal as needed. Once everyone is caught up, he/she is to return to healing the guard.

It will take aaggess but eventually Narnu will die and you can loot the chest!


On our way to Boss 6 there will be a few Ghashfra mobs. Nothing to complex.

Boss 6: Stone-bite and Shadow-eater. Also known as ďThe TwinsĒ

This boss can be easy if done correctly. One of them has like 50k health and the other has like 150k health. (I donít remember the exact numbers but thatís the general area.) I think shadow-eater has the most health.

The Fight:
The main tank will go play with Stone-biter all by himself. He can smack him but he needs to keep his aggro. Itís best to keep him near Shadow-Eater that way a few AOE hits from the champs will hit it as well but no one other than the main tank should have the lesser health one targeted.

All 9 other people (minus the guard and two minstrels) will be on Shadow-eater (the bigger health one). You will burn this one down.

Once they get to be even health, you need to keep them even health. The group that is in the main tanks group will switch to his target while the other group stays on shadow-eater. These guys need to die at EXACTLY the SAME TIME. They also CANNOT get more than like 2 or 3k apart from each other in health. If they die at different times or there becomes more than a 3k health difference between them, darklings will spawn, which will turn into World Eaters. If that happens, the LM needs to get the WEís mezzed. Everyone will need to watch their AOEís when this happens.

Clear up any darklings that spawn then tackle the world eater.

If the raid leader sees one is going down faster than the other, heíll tell someone to switch targets. Only that person switches. No one else.

Loot the chest! There are no gems here but sometimes nifty teal and gold stuff drops. Smile
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Boss 7: Thrang

This fight is messy, people will die, and really the first difficult boss in the rift. Yes, some of the others were difficult, but this one is a PIA. Hehe

When you first walk in the room you will notice the Ever-seer and giant conversing.

The second thing you will see are streams of lava. Yes they will hurt you. Two or three ticks of the lava burn and you will become deaded. Try to stay out of it.

This is a complex fight and Iíve been in groups that do it mostly similiar just a few differences here and there. Iíll list the differences as I come to that part in the fight.

First of all, you will notice that you are standing on a raised platform. There are a set of stairs on each side going down. Itís safe to go down these without triggering the fight. As long as you donít hop the lava and get near him you can move around semi-freely. At the bottom of the stairs you will see two cubby holes. These cubbyís will become very important towards the middle part of the fight so weíll address that when we get there. If you notice the area surrounding the door where you came in, there are arena like stairs. The mobs will spawn on those and run down.

Now once tokens and scrolls are @$%. (30 minute tokens are fine here but Iíve ran with some groups that prefer to use 15 minute tokens, but 30 minute are safer so youíre not trying to re pop tokens at a critical point in the fight.)

Okay, first things first. See that giant? The main tank will go say hi and play with him for the first 3 waves of adds. He pretty much gets his own personal minstrel as everyone else will be out of range for the first part of the fight. So the other minstrel is going to be bald by the time this fight is over.

No one else will be on the giant.

Now, Iíve seen the giant tanked in two different spots. Both work fairly well. One spot is just across the small lava stream with the guardís back to the wall. The other spot is at the bottom of the right hand side of the stairs (as youíre looking in from the door to the giant) back in the corner. The latter makes it easier for the LM to reach the minstrel and guard to feed them power.

Since no one else will be hitting the giant. It will be the guardís preference. As a side note, the giant will occasionally throw a rock at someone stunning them but thatís all he does.

Okay, for the first three waves, it too can be fought in two different places. It depends on the raid leaderís preferences.

The first place is the top of the stairs where you first entered the door at, on that first lowered platform. You can have a LM stand on both sides of the top of the stair cases to mez their targets (which Iíll get to in a moment). Normally 4 things spawn so the group will then fight the other two things. The raid leader will then pick a target while the LM keeps the other mezzed. If a mez resists, the LMís need to call it out so a burg can back them up.

The second place you can do this part of the fight is the bottom of the stairs. Itís pretty much the same deal except where you stand. There will be a LM on each side of the stair cases at the bottom and they will mez their targets as they come down. The downside to this one is that the minstrel will have to keep track of people spread out farther but the plus side is that the other minstrel can occasionally throw a spot heal on someone in between healing his/her guardian.

Okay, now for the actual fight.

The ever-seer leaves for this fight. Weíll get to him eventually.

The guard will go trigger the giant and pull him to his/her preffered spot and spend the first 10 minutes of fighting there. Minstrel, use call of greatness on your guardian. You will be using it again for Thrang once we get to him. Trust me when I say you do NOT want aggro lol.

For this fight I will place us at the top of the stairs. If you choose to fight at the bottom, it will be the same principle except for the final mob on the final wave.

The first wave that comes has fighters and defenders. Lore-masters, you will both be mezzing the defender that spawns on your side and will be keeping them mezzed. There will be a champ standing between you two (or the other guard) to get aggro and drag them down to the little area where everyone is. They will kill them.

Someone will then put an enrage on one of the defender targets (remember these are ranged) and kill it. They will then do the same for the other.

The giant is confused and says something like why are you helping us.

This will spawn the second wave.

This wave consists of scrappers and defenders. Again the Lore-Masterís will mezz the defenders while everyone wails on the scrappers. Itís best to have the off tank tank a scrapper while everyone pounds on the Raid Assistís target. Then kill the scrapper that is on the guard.

Someone will enrage a defender like before to kill it and then do it again for the last one.

The giant will speak again.

The third wave is two scrappers. The LM will mez them both and the raid @$% will pick a target and then kill it. Rinse and repeast

The fourth wave is two summoners. Same as before. LMís mez both. You kill one. However here, for the second summoner you will need to drag him down to the bottom. Use enrage to get him here. He will summon some worms. Have a LM re-mez him once he gets at the bottom and take out the worms. Watch your AOE.

You will then begin to slowly kill the summoner. If a CJ pops up, you will go all green or blue. You WILL NOT hit red or yellow. If you accidently hit them move to get it out of the conjuction. We do NOT want any bleeds on him, at all. If you have skills that cause wounds, DO NOT HIT THEM! If your weapons has a chance to cause a wound, stop hitting him around 5k.

Once the Summoner gets to 2k, the LM will re-mez him and keep him mezzed. NO ONE WILL HIT HIM! DO NOT KILL HIM! KILLING HIM IS BAD!

The LMís will take this time to restock everyone on power. They can draw from the giant and it will be fine. However they need to alternate this that way someone is keeping the summoner mezzed.

It is at this time that the cubbyís that you should have been @$% to earlier will come into play. (Normally you put the main tank, his/her minstrel, and the LM that is in that group in the left hand cubby [when looking back at the door that you entered the room from] and everyone else is in the right hand cubby.)

Once everyone is ready, at the same time the hunters will count down to a heart seeker and will shoot it at the exactly the same time. The goal here is to NOT get another worm summoned. That complicates things if that happens. If you only have one hunter for some ungodly reason Wink, both LMís will count to two as soon as they see the Heart seeker ďXĒ appear on the target and then start casting their skill that shoots the blinding white light and has a chance to stun the target. Between the three of them, it should kill it.

You will then IMMEDIATELY move into your cubby holes and become one with the wall. If you need to see something other than bodies, swing your camera around and look at yourself from far away. Itís strange to fight like that but at least you can see whats going on.

The reason you want to go into the cubbies is because Thrang will suddenly make his appearance. (No we havenít seen him up until this point.) When he enters, he brings 4 shaman with him. This is the part where most people die.

The goal is to get two shaman in one cubby hole. That means that there will be two shaman with the guard/minstrel/lore-master in one corner and two shaman with the other 9 people in the other.

We hide in the cubbies for two reasons. One, fumeroles have suddenly popped up out of the ground. They do not shoot urfon out so we can ignore them, however you do NOT want to go near them. If you set them off, they will explode and do MASSIVE amounts of damage. Another reasons is because thrang has an evil wound that he likes to shoot people with. Luckily we have LMís that will remove them as soon as they appear! Right? Right! Smile

Okay, in the cubby w/ the guard, minstrel, and LM. The guardís job will to be get aggro on both of them to keep them off the minstrel. The LMís job will be to remove wounds from both of them and feed power. Donít worry about damage them. Weíll get to that in a second. (As a side note, the shamanís are immune to the LMís mez.)

The cubby hole with 9 people in it. The minstrel, if not already bald, will become bald with this fight. Everyone will target the raid @$% target and shoot it except for the second champ. That champ will proceed to clobber the snot out of the other shaman so that he canít heal the first shaman. There will be fire at our feet but we canít really move to get out of it. You MUST stay inside the cubby.

Once that first one is down, you kill the second one, which is must faster as there is no one there healing it. If you can make it to this part, then youíre doing great. Most wipes happen while attempting to kill the first shaman.

Once that cubby is done you will hug the right side wall and go to the other cubby. The Raid @$% will do everything in his power to steal the aggro on one shaman that the guard killed and begin to take it down with the aid of everyone else. The other champ will clobber the second one so it canít heal the first.

Once one of them is down, the guard will have done stopped taunting stuff and hopefully someone else (other than the guard and the minstrels of course) should have aggro of the second shaman. The other guard is fine, just not the main tank.

When the shaman is dead or has like 1k left, the main tank will then run up the stairs, say hi to thrang and begin to build up his aggro. NO ONE ELSE HIT THRANG! I think champs have a skill that lets them transfer their aggro to the guardian. They need to do that so that only the guardian is being attacked.

And I will say that Thrang loves him some minstrel snacks! So minstrels, call of greatness on the tank, lute strings, cry of the chorus for your tier 4 threat reduction ballad.

Okay, once the guard has significant aggro, he will then run to the fumerole. He will be on the outside of the warding rings of them but he will need to position Thrang on the inside.

Until this volcano goes off, Thrang cannot be damaged. The explosion makes him lose his armour for a few seconds. The Raid @$% or Raid Leader will be calling out ďOn himĒ which means melee will move in and smack him (watch out for the lava thrang does throw!), and ďoff himĒ which as soon as thatís called melee needs to move back up the stairs where the ranged and misntrels will be standing. Thrang also has an AOE stun. Ranged also needs to stop attacking him when that happens as well.

This is not a hurry up and do it fight. It is a slow and steady getís the worm in the end fight. If we rush, it can go wrong.

Basically, the guardian will drag thrang to each volcano (positioning himself to where he wont get hit w/ the explosion but thrang will).

You need to listen for when the raid @$% calls on and off. He has a tendacy to throw people and use an AOE stun. If you are up on the stairs high enough you will miss the stun, well if your ranged anyway. Melee will be in it most of the time. LMís need to try to keep anti-stun on all melee people, especially the main tank.

If you get thrown in the lava, get out as soon as you can and pop a healing potion until the minstrel can reach you.

Do not panic and remember to not rez anyone unless the raid leader tells you to do so.

Kill Thrang and loot the chest!

Also thrang drops something. If you talk to the giants that will come back in the room you can turn in a quest there. If you get that, that counts as your one teal item!
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Compared to the Rog, Thrang was a walk in the park lol.

First thing you should know, after you leave Thrangís room, there will be along hallway. It looks awesome with the running lava.

At the end of this hallway will be a door. As soon as you go through it DO NOT MOVE! Once you load in and can move HEAD TO YOUR LEFT!

If you go to the right, Glathriel (here after known as the elf chick) will start her dialog and start the instance. After that there is no turning back. There is no ring over her head to talk to her to start it either. As soon as you get near her, she starts. SO DO NOT GO OVER THERE!

If that happens you may as well leave the raid and reform at the door because once she dies you all die whether you have full health or not. And as you run back through you will have to kill the fumeroles in the fumerole room again.

LMís before you go through that door put your birds away and resummon your raven once you are in that corner on the left hand side.

Final Boss: Thauralach (The Balrog)

First off, minstrels need hopeful heart slotted, so if they have fellowships heart they need to go retrait. Also, LMĒs if you have deep lore slotted you need to remove it and put Light of Hope in itís place.

I will include a map at the end because of this fight. Itís a tad bit complex.

Ok, here in this spot you will @$% token orders (the guard tanking the rog should not be @$% as he will need his own personal one while everyone is in the everseer room). You will also @$% battle scrolls too.

No one should pop anything yet. Once @$% and roles handed out, go poke the elf chick and everyone moves up to the door. NO TOKENS ARE NEEDED YET! Read your scrolls and eat your food when she starts to unlock the doors.

CAREFULLY head to your left. The water is insta-death. (Itís the ugly green color on the map.) Don't touch it. Do not use an incombat rez here if someone does decide to take a dip. There is a brief interlude where you are not incombat. Very brief, but brief.

Both the LM's need to target the World Eater across the water and stun it as soon as it pops that way if one resists the other gets it. The main LM will then be responsible for keeping it mezed. They will also call out darklings when they see them on the far side. DO NOT DROP HOPEFUL HEART IN THIS AREA! It's only one or two dread, we'll be okay, I promises!

When the world eater on the side of the elf chick gets to 1k someone needs to pull the other over so she doesn't start clearing the water before you're ready. As soon as shes done w/ the water, you rinse and repeat w/ the right side.

Hunters you need to be with the group but facing back up the hallway targeting darklings as they head towards the group. They will eventually slow down. You will then start DPSing the ones across the water down.

Once she says ďWe are through here.Ē You will all run to the right side and do exactly like you did on the left. Make sure you follow as that area will be closed off by a door and you do not want to get trapped behind it. It does not open again!

Right side, same as left side. There will be on brief spot out of combat while shes clearing the water re-apply food and HERE you will pop your 15 minute tokens.

As soon as she is done clearing the water everyone will run to the sigil w/ the following exceptions (The sigil is the white dot on the map. It has a massive In combat morale regen if you stand on it.). The door closes here again so make sure you are not left behind as it will not open again.

For the Right hand lever room you'll need a LM, a champ, and a burg. Have the LM apply the anti-stun to everyone as these three head towards the room.

When the door opens up, only the champ will run in. He will aggro everything. The burg will then mez the World Eater in the center of the room. He will then go turn that lever. The LM will use his/her stun while he is turning the wheel and immediately use their reset skill button (call to the valar). After the lever is turned, they will run out of the room but the LM will then Re-Mez the WE whether he needs it or not (who should still be in the center of the room). They will then run to the sigil.

The left hand lever room. While I've never personally been in it, I've heard the instructions. Here you will need the other guard (NOT the main tank, he will be occupied), the champ, the other LM, and a hunter.

As soon as the door opens it's my understanding there are already 4 world eaters that spawn inside. The guard will run in and steal aggro on everything in the room. He will make them all pile up in a nice ball in the center/towards the back and the LM will use their AOE root (Not cracked fire). The hunter will then use their rain of thorns (their aoe room) to pick up what the LM missed. The LM will immediately reset his skills. During this time the champ runs up and flips the lever. The guard will then make sure there are no WE's not trapped and keep him near the center of the others and on their way out the LM will turn and AOE room again and that roomís people will then flee back to the sigil.

When the levers are flipped they need to be called out.

Ok, back at the sigil. Everyone who didn't go to a room is standing on the shiny part.

As soon as both minstrels get there, the one that is in the group with the guard needs to stand on the sigil facing the rog and drop HH. The other one needs to turn around and drop theirs facing the door at the same time. It helps with the dread because more than likely, you will get hope wiped.

As soon as they get there the guard needs to shout at the rog get his attention and start building up aggro. We do NOT want the NPC to get aggro. AS SOON AS THE LEVERS ARE CALLED THAT BOTH HAVE BEEN PULLED, the water will clear. NOW the guard needs to be in the water in the rogs melee range and taunting like he's never taunted before. You can never have to much aggro at this point. The minstrels on the sigil will be healing the guardian like their life depended on it, which it pretty much does. If the elf chick starts to take damage everyone needs to be yelling or ranging down the rog. Only the guard is in the water though.

Otherwise sit there and enjoy the show for a moment. Eventually some darklings and a WE or two will make their way to the sigil. You need to AOE down the darklings as soon as they reach the sigil. If more than one WE makes it the LM's or the burgs need to mez the one that is furthest away. It's hard, I know I'm a LM and if both make it mez it as soon as you can and don't aoe.

Eventually the WE and darklings will be gone. Meanwhile the guard is down on the ground still building up aggro.

At one point the rog will kick the guardian. During this time we all get together back in that corner where you first went when we cleared the first area of the pool. (The dark purple mass on the map.) Here will will cower and the elf chick will be alone but it will be okay. If the guard has built up enough threat she will only loose like 1-2k health but since shes on the sigil she'll be fine.

At this point we are waiting on the Hopeful Hearts to recycle. Some people even do a very quick bio here.

When HH recycles, the second people @$% will pop their 30 minute token. The minstrels will heal everyone up, the LM will apply anti-stun on the guard and the minstrel running out and the guard will then go play with the rog. The minstrel will drop HH down underneath the rog so that there will be some hope out there when the guard gets hope wiped a time or two. (It should be noted that the guard should have his own person hope token ready to be used after HH goes away and/or he gets hope wiped after it poofs too.)

Everyone but the guardian will then stop at the bottom of the everseer room. The guardian stays outside alone as the elf chick will heal him. As for where he stands here I am clueless as I am not a guardian. I just know that he plays with the rog and the elf chick heals him.

The everseer room:

Everyone rushes in. Champs you will need to @$% who clobbers first b/c he does do multiple wound attacks and other attacks back to back.

Three darklings in the hole = 1 World Eater. A LM needs to be on each side behind the pillars as does the burglars and captains. There will be a nice spot that the hunters can be to hit the everseer and the darklings as they spawn. Which they need to do. If you are not meleeing the darklings you need to be hiding behind a pillar that way if Thrang does his wound debuff you wonít get hit.

If you get a wound, call it out. You will need to take a wound pot AND the LM will need to heal you. (It helps if you turn dispellable only effects on, it makes it easier to see.) Otherwise you will die in like 5 or 10 seconds when it expires.

If a WE should pop on a side, the LM that is on that side, it is there responsibility to keep it mezed. NO ONE should hit it until the everseer is dead. Then they can burn through them.

If your looking from the levers to the closed door to the balrog, everyone should go on the left hand side of the room while the raid leader pulls levers 1, 2, and 4. Everyone will stay there until the baleful roar is hit. The ground will shake. Everyone will then run to the right side of the ledge and pretty much stay there from here on out.

For the guard, once we say we're about to pull the 4th lever he needs to position the rog to where glathriel is at the rogs feet. The LM needs to have him targeted as they run to their ledge and throw anti-stun on him. It will keep the guard from being thrown, which is incredibly bad.

The LM's job from here on out is wound removal and at 100k i think it is disease removal. And being a battery and anti-stunning those who get hoped wiped (theres no need for a token if only one person gets it and anti-stun will stop cowering). Also, the LM needs to use wind-lore and gust of wind on the rog. It cuts his ranged and melee damage in half.

The minstrels, the other minstrel will lay HH down at the rogs hide legs where hopefully glathriel is standing and not getting hit then run back to the ledge. Here they will heal.

The melee people will be on the rogs hind legs hitting form behind. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THEY STEAL AGGRO. If you are getting hit you're not standing in the right place. Only the guard that is main tanking should theoretically be getting hit.

The ranged people will be on the ledge. Hunter endurance stance until the last 10k of the rog's health then switch to strength.

If the guard gets thrown the rog will turn around and do a baleful roar and a disease puke back to back normally which kills you b/c it can't be removed fast enough. So it is IMPERATIVE that the LMís keep anti-stun on the guards and the guards when their anti-stun icon starts flashing to call it out so that it can be reapplied.

If you see the rog jump everyone needs to turn and get out of the water as soon as possible. If you're in the water when he lands, you will die. The guard then needs to run back in and reestablish himself as soon as he can.

THe best thing to remember is don't panic lol.

If the guard does die, let the elf chick tank for a second. She'll be okay while one of the minstrels or captains gets the guard back up. If the elf chick starts to die, the secondary minstrel will call out that their starting song of aid. While its playing the LM's need to target Glathriel and click on beacon of hope like they were clicking for their life. Even if it doesnt look like the timer is up on it they need to be spam clicking it. The LM's can restore around 8k of her health over 7 seconds if done properly. The guard should be reestablishing aggro during this time.

Around 11 or 10k he becomes susceptible for CJ's. Have the burglar open one, however no one will hit anything. They will just keep pounding on the rog. He goes beserk during this stage and will target the elf chick specifically. If you get a chance for a second one, do the same thing again.

When the rog goes down, the next rule is to take screenies then forward all of your loot to Kaliwyn! Teehee!

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PostSubject: Re: Kali's Guide to the Rift   Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:08 am

Now I expect everyone to memorize all this stuff ... there will be a test Wink


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Heh, I caught a nice lil typo that would have gotten Del killed on the Rog fight.


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PostSubject: Re: Kali's Guide to the Rift   Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:49 pm



Creepside monster manual
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PostSubject: Re: Kali's Guide to the Rift   Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:31 pm

Ok, so I was finally able to fraps the video of the actual Rog run. Normally it goes much smoother with no deaths but we had a strange group make up and the actual person that normally leads it wasn't there.

I'm still not entirely sure how I ended up with the leader button but you get to see me attempting to figure out how to set up raid @$% and all 4 of my major epic fails lol.

And normally I do ALOT more stuff during the run, but I was half out of it tonight. So what you see me doing is only about 1/4th of what all I normally do o.o I was the slacker tonight =/ lol

Anyway, this is going at 4X the normal speed. I have the slower version fixed, I just need to find somewhere to load it up b/c it's too long to put on youtube. I'll search for a place to do so when I'm not getting ready to go out the door.

And next time I run, I'll actually do more of my job and pan the camera around a little more so you can see some of the surroundings. Very Happy
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Kali's Guide to the Rift
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