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 Discussion - Instument Comparisons

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PostSubject: Discussion - Instument Comparisons   Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:10 pm

The following is an explination of the sounds that are produced or mimiced by the instruments we have in game. Please feel free to add your own observations and thoughts.

Woodwinds are defined by having a Reed on the mouthpiece which helps produce a desired sound. Generally this musical instrument will not be made out of metal. The Saxiphone is an exception. In game the woodwinds are capable of holding long notes. Additionalyl they tend to play chords well. These instruments can also replicate stringed instruments if needed.

Flute - This sounds like it's name implies. It can be a very high piched sound that can be irritating in some songs so care should be taken to practice a song with teh flute away fomr others first. In General this instument should only be played for brief parts or on parts where you want a flutter.

Clarinet - This is your basic Woodwind. It has a decent range across the middle of the musical scale and sounds good with about everything.

Horn - There is some discussion as to what the Horn sounds the most like. Some say this is like a Saxiphone. After listening to it more and more I do not belive this to be the case. a Horn plays more like an Oboe which is Bass for the woodwind section. A Horn should be chosen with care for most songs. They work with a wider variety of songs than a Flute does but on songs that rely on the high to high mid range it will not sound very good.

Guitars are stringed instruments that are plucked instead of played with a Bow. In game these instruments are both your basic instruments and they are also the most likely to get screwed up in a song. In fast songs a guitar instument will try to mesh itself together in fast parts. Tehre are ways to solve this but its highly technical and not apropriate fo this discussion. Chords can also be played but due to the way ABC works it can cause problems one certain songs. An additional problem with guitars is they tend to be very soft instuments. In some songs they are very hard to hear. Especially wiht woodwind support. It is important to note that tehse things are not electric guitars. they are incapable of sustaining a note.

Lute - This is your average midrange instrument. It will play most songs resonably well. of all the instuments in this section. The lute plays the loudest.

Harp - This instrument has a more distinct tonal quality to it. It also seems to be able to handle faster pieces of music than the other two. It's range is similar to the Lute but sounds higher in pitch.

Theorbo -This is the Bass instrument. By itself it has a very strong bass tonal quality to it although it sounds muffled. Like it's behind a wall. It is good for accompanyment but it can sometimes be lost in busy songs. By itself it isn't quite as good but it is a diferent sound. It can play most songs a Lute can play. It just sounds very deep.

Bagpipes- Of. First of a Bagpipe is not a Brass instrument. I put it here simply because its sound, while distinctive can replicate a bras section if played right. It can also be substituted for a string section or a Pipe organ if done right. I don't have a great deal of experience with the Bagpipes however.

Cowbell - This has one use and one use alone. It keeps the beat. It has one sound to it and, as you might guess, it sounds like you are strikeing a cowbell.
Drum - This is a misnamed instrument. You are actually playing a Tamborine. Several percussion tones can be played as well as a variety of metalic chings. It can mimic a maraca if needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion - Instument Comparisons   Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:44 pm

More a note to self. Explore the possibility that the bagpipes can be used to emulate electric guitars
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Discussion - Instument Comparisons
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